7 At-Home Health Goals

Here we go again! Yes it’s April and a new lockdown is around the corner … I really cannot believe how my daily routine keeps getting weirder and weirder. If you are like me and somehow were able to survive the last strict lockdown last year by finding a way to became your best self… Things might get a little though this time around considering a year has past, we are fed up and tired while uncertainty surrounding our daily routines just keeps getting crazier.

In order to stay sane, happy and productive I have tried to find simple and manageable things to keep working on this time… which are totally lazy girl friendly. So I can continue keep healthy and productive.

1. Meditate daily

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I started doing this last year and it has helped me a lot. You don’t need to be a morning person to do this!Just take it as a self care moment that you deserve to take any time of the day ! I for instance do 10 minutes every single day sometimes early in the morning if I wake up with time to spare or late in the afternoon. I find that listening to myself in this way is very powerful and uplifting.

2. Variety in your diet is important

DISCLAMER: these post contains some images taken from Pinterest

In my opinion eating healthy does not mean to eat salads everyday, or avoiding carbs at all cost I have said this countless time, also because I struggled with weight myself.

I think key is to balance out a little bit of everything and more important is to change things up every now and then! Making one change a day or every other day I think is totally manageable without stressing out and it will give you inspiration to find new routines or recipes you’ll like enough to maybe turn into a new habit.

3. Turn off Netflix and enjoy a Book instead ( or whatever you makes you creative!)

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Don’t get me wrong I love my Netflix time, I am without doubt one of those people who will binge watch everything non stop…. but I find that since last year I felt a little stuck in it…. so I have turned to my dear good old books! Reading helps me calm down and also allows my imagination to wonder free so I can take my mind off something in a totally immersive experience! One book a month I believe is more than manageable considering the actual situation of our weekends 😜

4. Go for a walk as often as possible

I have said this again and again even in my last post…A simple health goal is to take at least one walk every day, don’t worry about the 10,000 steps rule… just go outside without feeling pressured to do so, I am sure in no time you will start to naturally enjoy walking and getting some fresh air considering that sunshine will also boost your mood.😉

5. Move at least 15-20 minutes every day

DISCLAMER: these post contains some images taken from Pinterest

I have already talked about how Holly Dolkie’s videos have helped me last year… and I am still on a journey to improve myself to stay healthy. Even if lately I have been feeling lazier, I still try to incorporate at least 20 minutes of workouts or moving around🤣, because after exercising I feel so much more energized.

6. Sleep 7-8 hours a night

DISCLAMER: these post contains some images taken from Pinterest

I have been through a phase of insomnia several times, or back and forward from sleepless nights where my anxiety or thoughts kept me up… and let me tell you is no fun and no joke…

Always prioritize sleep over everything, cause getting enough sleep can really affect the quality of life and have tremendeuse affect on your mood and body.

I find very helpful to drink chamomile tea and reduce screen time before bed, or have a nice warm bath while listening to some relaxing music.

7. Value your self

Whatever is your reason to stay Healthy always have realistic and honest goals! To achieve something you must do it for the right reason which reward yourself in a way. Cook a different meal to enjoy food, Meditate to face your anxiety and overcome your fears, Read to be creative because you enjoy it not because someone says so, Exercise to vent your stress out and to improve self-estime and health not to loose weight cause your suppose to…

But now…What about you? Let me know how you stay healthy lazy people edition 😉



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