festive mood

December is always a wonderland of surprises! This week Snow decided to give the surroundings an extra festive look, which no one was not expecting so soon!

So now my mood revolves completely on coziness by the Xmas Tree, watching Netflix catching up with the latest season of the Crown, baking cookies, and doing some hand crafted ornaments with oranges which is so fun and festive looking!

All the basics for a home winter wordeland experience 😍 for the Weekend!

…What are you up to this weekend? Anyone enjoying the same festive mood?



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Hi I am Josie! Born and raised in Italy, where my life is a pretty blend of all kinds of stuff ...being half Italian and half Indian, trying to balance pizza and samosa on a daily basis! Welcome to my creative place where I express daily inspiration and personal style while sharing my thoughts, travels and life experience! I hope you stick around and share this journey with me.

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