Sunday Morning from home

Hi everyone!

How are you doing at home? Please stay safe and healthy!

Here things are still critical, the bad news is most of the time overshadowing every small victories against this damn virus. The restrictive measurement to contain the epidemic are getting more severe each day…Regardless, we are all trying to pull through and keep our spirits high as much as possible!

Unfortunately the other downside of this pandemic is that episodes of hate anger and frustration are taking over some people probably rising out of fear and this worries me and makes me very said. But again there are still so many more amazing good people that are doing an extraordinary work and some others showing great kindness towards who needs it the most….

However to lighten the mood today I wanted to write about the most relatable argument of all times… during this self isolation time …drum roll please… FOOD!

Yep, this past weeks my “trips to the kitchen” have been on loop…but today I honestly think i have reached my personal record of cooking and snacking without purpose πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚in five hours…

Starting with my BREAKFAST:

On normal days I am very basic I eat some dry biscuits with my Tea or greek yogurt with puffed spelled and some fruits on the sides.

However since it’s Sunday I decided to do something fancier and if you hae been here before you already know I love my PANCAKES πŸ™‚

My favorites as usual are those with less milk and more of a yogurt base, and since this week I had an overload of strawberries I basically added them everywhere!

Pancakes with honey chocolate chips and strawberries

Also as an extra treat I decided to top the banana yogurt base with some home made chocolate ganache to make them even yummier!

Banana yogurt pancakes with strawberries and chocolate ganache

Moving on to LUNCH … I am trying to eat healthy as much as possible but let’s face it hard times calls for … PIZZA !

Yesterday I prepared the dough for mine with a base of whole wheat flour than I left it in the fridge to rest and rise for 24 hours … and that’s it basically I just layed it on an oven plate added the toppings ingredients and cooked it for 15 minutes!

Well the day is still long and there is so much I else I could cook.. or better EAT …so stay tuned for any updates! In the mean while let me know if you are passing your time snacking and cooking… anything that can help pass a bit of time!

Lots of love people!


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Hi I am Josie! Born and raised in Italy, where my life is a pretty blend of all kinds of stuff ...being half Italian and half Indian, trying to balance pizza and samosa on a daily basis! Welcome to my creative place where I express daily inspiration and personal style while sharing my thoughts, travels and life experience! I hope you stick around and share this journey with me.

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