November mood change

Hi guys

Sorry i have not been able to write as much as i would have like in the past 2 weeks… i run completely out of time in all things this month!

However i ll make time to share a few things this week! 😊

Is practically already November and i am feeling a bit undertheweather just cause we recently changed the time here in italy so outside it gets dark pretty quickly now and if i count that the past 5 days were basically all rain… my body and mind are struggling a bit to adjust…

However to make my self feel better i leaned towards the sweeter pleasure of life … when you are too big for trick or treating you got to get creative 🤣

So I Spent the last three days among delicious tea party moments, sweet morning rewards and christmassy flavors of chocolates! 😋

Well i think that is all for tonight ! Let me know if you experienced like me some difficulty in adjusting to the sudden lack of light! And how do you roll with it!

Goodnight everyone see you soon!



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Hey, everyone! I'm Josephine, a pure essence of chaos! Born and raised in italy, half italian, half Indian, a bit croatian, a bit portuguese and a bit english...Yep family tree is as a messy as me! Endless Dreamer... deeply in love with Art, Travels and Photography... This blog is my take on lifestyle, beauty and life in general... Discovering new things everyday :) a messy mix between my inner dreamer old soul and a girly girl attitude.

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