New Dior Forever Foundation

Hello everyone! Is February already and I can’t believe the last time I was here writing was so long ago… it’s being quite a bad period these last 3 months…as usual in life crappy stuff happens when least expected…

But today I decided to focus on more amusing matters…like beauty stuff which as you might have noticed by now is one of my weaknesses.

The last three weeks I have being using a brand new foundation which is the Dior Forever (New Formula) the color I got is 2,5N (neutral) which surprisingly is a pretty good match for my skin tone right now.

I would gladly list you all the amazing colors available but the Dior website does a way better job than me in this department … so if you want to check out more about it click here

There are two version for this new formula one is Matte and the other is one is the Glow version. I have the Matte formula and I must say I am pretty happy with my choice because of my combination skin.

The foundation is quite comfortable and hydrating and the thing that most impressed me is how it perfected in a way my skin…like trust me right now my skin is not in a good place and with this stuff it looked almost airbrushed!

The formula is easy to work with and blends beautifully even though this matte version oxides a little bit ( not too much but definitely a bit after a few minutes of wear). The coverage is medium to full, I personally don’t like to go with full coverage and prefer more of a natural finish, but it still looks good if you want to go for a heavier hand.

On the site it is said that wear power for this product is 24 hours… but obviously I have never wore it more than 10 cause I not comfortable having stuff on my face for 24 hours straight … but I must say that it is pretty long wear and still looks flawless and quite good at the end of the day.

On to the downside, price. Yes as usual Dior product are pretty expensive and this foundation in Italy retails for 46,90 euros for 30 ml.

At the end I must say that I am pretty satisfied, the product looks great and feels great. I actually bought it with 20% off at Sephora therefore even if expensive I got myself a good deal. Plus a little goes a long way and because I don’t wear foundation every single day the product is going to last a while.

Ok girls and guys 🙂 that’s all! What do you think, have you tried this product? Are you intrigued by the glow version also? Let me know!



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4 thoughts on “New Dior Forever Foundation

  1. I have been using this for a week now and I am disappointed ☹️ it’s fine for a few hours then starts to break up on my skin and looks really patchy. I really wanted to love this foundation. Glad you seem to be getting on with it better than me 😊

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    1. Hi Louise!are you using the matt version too? …Yes my skin got lucky this time! I had a similar experience as yours with Armani Luminous silk which is practical beloved by everyone expect me 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

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      1. Yes the Matt version. I haven’t tried luminous silk because I tried Power Fabric and hated that too – it had a horrible grey undertone ! I am just going to stick to Estée Lauder double wear because nothing else comes close to how good that is 😊

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