L’Oreal Les Chocolats

Hi everyone!

Today I have fun things to talk about if you are like me a foodie and makeup lover and even better if the food and makeup in question is also inspired by one of your favorite treat…yes you probably can tell cause it’s in the title that I am gonna just rave about  Les chocolats lipsticks by l’Oreal cause they just seem made perfectly fo me eheh…

The liquid lipstick comes in 12 shades and their names are inspired by chocolate, obviously. But the best thing is that each one is also chocolate scented and by chocolate scented I mean real delicious chocolates treats not that chemically fake ones!

I own 4 of the twelve shades which are

  • 848 Dose of Cocoa
  • 852 Box of Chocolates
  • 862 Volupto Choco
  • 868 Cacao Crush


I for the price which was 12 euros in Italy at the store and 10 euros on amazon I think these are insanely good!

The finish is suppose to be mat… I found it to be more matt /creamy certainly it gets more opaque on certain color than other, the texture is also very smooth and pigmented and I don’t find them to be very sticky which is very good for me since I hate that feeling on the lips!

Darker color like cacao crush requires a bit of care during the application, maybe it’s just me but I make a mess without lining my lips or using an additional brush to make sure It looks even. But as far as it concerns all the others more neutral hues i find the application pretty easy! I must say though that the highlight of this product aside from pigmentation is it’s longevity! They are absolutely the true definition of long wear.

This is something I like a lot, although the downside is they are very difficult to remove as well and they can be a bit dry on the lips at the end of the day but with a bit of lipbalm and oil or waterproof makeup remover its all good!

So what do you think? Have you tried this liquid lipsticks please let me know your thoughts on the shades! I guess it’s all for today … see you soon.



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