Lululun Face Mask

Good Morning everybody!

It’s a freezing Sunday here in Italy, and as it is pretty cold outside the only thing to do beside getting cozy and comfy on a couch with a cup of hot-chocolate is taking extra care of my skin!….and no better time to try some products I got from Tokyo while travelling through Japan! What product better way to show love to your skin than a Face mask ( which you know is my new obsession!!) So, today I wanted to talk to you about LULULUN brand that provides great choice for sheet face mask at an affordable price!

I have bought 4 different type of mask and so far tried 2:

  • Lululun Classic Series
  • Lululun Hydrating Daily Mask

The Classic series (PINK) was a good solution in a warmer climate keeping in mind that I had a tendency to combination skin, comfy and hydrating however when I tried it again in a colder weather it was not quite enough as my skin was more dry and dull looking.  I mean i could not see a serious improvement after using it, it felt good but nothing life changing…So it’s probably a good option if you are not too dry and have a younger kind of skin.

The Hydrating Daily Mask (BLUE) is the one I am currently using and probably the one I liked the best so far as I found it extremely pleasant on the skin and super hydrating, while after use I also noticed that my skin looked more compact and luminous.

I am honestly very pleased with it and have been using it twice a week and some times even a third time as well in this freezing weather, loved it.

The other two I have yet to try are :

  • LULULUN FACE MASK PRECIOUS WHITE which is said to be a Brighten and lift Face Mask Precious White (more appropriate for mature skin) ;  a luxurious daily treatment to deliver anti-aging benefits while evening out skin tone with long-term results.
  • LULULUN FACE MASK PRECIOUS RED which tackle dryness and has an anti-aging action! Super exited to try this one out!!

OK guys that’s it! Let me know if you tried this brand and what do you think, also feel free to add recommendations for other good face mask I would love hear your faves!!

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2 thoughts on “Lululun Face Mask

  1. I’ve tried the green tea version one but I didn’t like the size of the mask especially around the eye and nose area


    1. Hi Kira, I get it is really annoying when the size is not right … also I did not try the green tea one so I have no idea about it, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’ll keep this in mind! 🙂


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