Postcards from Kyoto

Hi guys,

I hope you are doing well, as promised I finished going through the insane amount of pictures I took in Japan this Summer… I know, it took me a while… but finally I am able to share with you what I believe were the things that I loved the most…

Although I  first thought of doing a post on the entire travel ..honestly, I saw so much and so different things It did not feel right to mix up everything… so I divided the experience by city … and today is KYOTO turn… a city of ancient history and charming tradition.. a fairytale of  glimmering lights and dreamy reflections…


291812.jpgIMG_1606.JPGIMG_1649.JPG6743281048.jpg8834195320526071_10213256788523293_5529138127021996606_n1564IMG_2106.JPGIMG_2089.JPGIMG_2138.JPGIMG_2139.JPGIMG_2149.JPG20526125_10213257648024780_7143814477667025540_n20597255_10213728874040289_7254760788216923835_n20620877_10213257649584819_5546961500145788164_n2017-07-27 --- Giappone - 289

As you can see Kyoto has many faces, tradition, food, nightlife, modernity and culture practically a perfect mix! I enjoyed this city so much and I hope to go back one day.. to get more out of it! Let me know if you would like me to write the list of sites visited in this great city!





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