November vibes

Good day, everybody!

I know is a little late in the month for my usual gallery inspiration, let’s say I lost a little time along the way… but for good reasons… I actually enjoyed this month more than usual and therefore this time my November gallery is not only an inspiration but a reflection of what I love lately!

A bit of wall art decor inspired by the festive mood rising to fix the parts that are yet bare at home… a good old fashion cup of hot chocolate with homemade cookies to sweeten the late foggy afternoons….and a stash of cozy and fluffy soft blankets which are never enough for me…just enjoying life basically:)

Reading books … and re-reading more books…i was feel more inspired to do so when the weather gets cold!

Welcoming back layers ( oversize sweaters, scarfs, and my fave hats ) … keeping it nice and comfy with an edge… while craving something new too, in this case, hair which I felt needed a change with style and color … but I’ll probably leave this topic for another post!

Well, lovely people, that’s all! I hope you liked this gallery and please let me know what inspired you, this month!






 DISCLAMER: I do not own any of the following pictures, the images you see in this post are taken from Pinterest

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Hey, everyone! I'm Josephine, a pure essence of chaos! Born and raised in italy, half italian, half Indian, a bit croatian, a bit portuguese and a bit english...Yep family tree is as a messy as me! Endless Dreamer... deeply in love with Art, Travels and Photography... This blog is my take on lifestyle, beauty and life in general... Discovering new things everyday :) a messy mix between my inner dreamer old soul and a girly girl attitude.

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