8 Skincare Favorites

Hello loves,

Finally I found the time to put together a post I wanted to write in so long.

I have been trying out different skincare products to fix what the apparent “change of season” plus “stress” had brought to my skin. Just a brief note: I don’t have particular serious problems in terms of skin care,  but that that does not mean I do not struggle from time to time, especially in terms of hydration!

First thing I want to say is if you have like me combination skin, it is very tricky to find a definite and holy grail solution because there are so many variable that can switch up your game overtime ! But for this particular moment I’am sticking to this products and so far so good, so I am gonna be sticking with them as long as I can!

1. Avène Eau Thermale Avène  

This is an evergreen life saver always by my side especially when the season gets warm does wonders all the time!

2. Avène  HYDRANCE OPTIMALE Hydrating Serum

You know when they say that solid bases are key? Well this serum is the key for me… night, day, through the day sometimes it’s just the instant boost of hydration when you want to be sure your are doing things right! Total game changer!

3. Clarins Crème Eclat du Jour 

I have changed my previous face cream just cause I really needed some extra hydration power, yes probably due to the cold/ warm / cold again days also nutrition had to be taken under consideration and so far this product does perfectly both things! Plus the peachy texture helps dull skin color and smells delicious!

4. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse

I have heard a lot about this oil who claims to have it all face, body,  hair… well the stories are true! Nuxe oil is a fab product and nourishes the skin and provides great nutrition especially in my case when I use it at night before putting my cream, it just leaves me in the morning with soft and moisturized skin! One thing it has a pretty sent and I don’t mind it but it could be a little strong if your not into this kind of things.

5. KIEL’S Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Not my best choice of dark circles honestly but in terms of hydration nothing beats the Kiel’s Avocado cream, I love it especially as an under eye mask at night… it’s a very good product if like me you have a very dry under eye area!

6. SEPHORA Gommage lèvres – Sugar Honey

I have been using it on my lips, and it’s difficult to not have honey cravings with it, cause it feels delicious! Does work pretty well!

7. TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Egg Cream Mask Hydration

Pampering your self with extra hydration is never a waste and for particular occasions or just if you feel you need a some extra me pampering time, you never go wrong with a face mask! I have been liking a lot this one which is a very good sheet mask super hydrating and most important you see the difference after using it, especially the next day! Love it!


Yes, simple old fashion water, drinking, as a matter of fact, is THE KEY… and it makes the most drastic impact! We all know it and yet it is the thing that most of the time I forget!

Ok guys, It was a bit of long post I hope I did not bore you and that you find some of this favorites useful! Let me know,





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