Spring ready Lancome lip colors

Hello lovely people,

First of all Happy Mothers day to all the amazing mums out there who sometimes drive us crazy but who also are always by our side every step of the way!

Today I wanted to talk to you about two Lancome lip colors that I have been liking a lot for spring, let’s start with the first one which is a Matt Shaker in the color 272 Energy peach! I really like the formula of this matt shaker differently from the normal shaker version they last a really long time once they dry matte.

Also they are quite comfortable to wear and are very easy to apply with it’s applicator! The color I got is such a pretty bright peach color, which however looks quite natural on dark skin, and it make you look nice and polished  during the day!

The second Lip color is N° 184 “Magique” from L’Absolu Rouge Matt Lipstick line, about it I can only say that this orange coral is my new favorite lipstick color since a long time! I freaking love it, it’s bright, it’s bold, it pulls every look together even with minimum make up and it screams not only spring but summer too!! The finish is matt therefor it can be little drying on your lips compared to other creamy lipstick but I must say that it is quite comfortable to wear! Lasting power is good and payoff color is great you can go from stain to full bright lips!

So what do you think? Have you tried some of these product? Lance is not very budget friendly but I think I may get another matt shaker color cause I really liked the product and also maybe another lipstick color range was insane and all looked amazing!That’s all for today!



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