Armani Luminous silk foundation

Hello, everyone!

It has been forever since I last made a proper review on the blog, so here we go!

Today I wanted to talk to you about the Armani Luminous silk foundation! I have been trying this one for a while now like a couple of months and I have a pretty clear picture.

First of all, I have been dying to try it because online among blogs and youtube the feedbacks for this product are so amazing, so when I finally bought it I finally thought I had in my hands the holy grail of all foundation ..oh boy how I was wrong…


“I got it in the color 6 Golden Beige”

Yes, you got it right I am not exactly happy with this foundation.

The application ( with a beauty blender or a brush ) is easy and the formula is kind of liquidy… so the feeling is very light, I ‘ll give it that … it was amazing cause it felt like I was not wearing anything.


However, on the downsides, the final result on my skin was everything but flawless or even decent at first ( I mean like the first 5 minutes was ok) but soon after it started emphasizing pores and looking weird or even patchy… so nope… definitely not silky or luminous!

With a primer underneath,  and power after it’s a way better but nothing exceptional… basically, I yet prefer my Shiseido Syncro skin and Nars sheer glow, which suited me better.

It’s a pretty expensive foundation so I will try to use it as much as I can with the help of other products ( primers, powders setting spray…) but I am definitely not gonna buy it again.  I am not sure if things did not work out cause of my combination skin… but unfortunately yes this is how things turned out for me.

Let me know if you have some suggestion or even if you experienced the same! I would like to try next YVES SAINT LAURENT Touche Éclat Le Teint next ..let me know your thoughts about it! 🙂




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6 thoughts on “Armani Luminous silk foundation

    1. I tried Born this Way just ones at the sephora counter but I was not convinced cause it felt tacky and that makes me unconfortable …but I haven’t bought it so I can’t say:)
      About the Armani, I had heard myself amazing things about it, that’s why I bought it in the first place… I can’t tell how sad I was that it did not work wonders on me as I tought it would!

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  1. Bummer that this foundation didn’t work out for you! I always wanted to try it cause of the great reviews but was hesitant cause it’s pricey. Maybe I’ll get a sample of this to try it out instead. Great post btw! 🙂

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  2. Aw sorry the foundation wasn’t what you expected, I assumed it would be great. I LOVE Touch Eclat so hopefully that would be a better fit for your next post? I dunno, maybe? 🙂

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