“Unfiltered” – Book of the month

Hi guys,

I am here shortly as I have just finished reading Lily Collins ” Unfiltered”, a book that got me really excited as soon as I heard that it was in the making….

Well, you all know how much I like Lily Collins as actress and fashion icon …but must say that after reading unfiltered I appreciate her even more. And I liked her book so much, I thought it was a good idea to just write my first impressions while is yet fresh, therefore I apologize for my English, because this might turn out to be an unintelligible stream of consciousness…


The Book it’s an honest and simple take on Lily Collins life… kind of a journey through growing up while experiencing joy, silliness but also pain and heartbreak.

Learning from mistakes, accepting and learning to love yourself are recurring themes which is so relatable…In fact,  I found myself in many of the chapters during my reading, and again I really appreciated the honesty and clearness on how she describes every challenge and opportunity she faced while growing up…even her deepest secrets. It’s also interesting because she’s incredibly ordinary when describing common struggles and accomplishments…it makes the all book feel like a friend is talking to you…


Panic attacks, self-acceptance, living through dark paths as well as light ones … openly reminding everyone that we are not alone, that it is ok to have faults, nothing is perfect and that is the beauty of it because to be different can be good, indeed. And as cliche or silly, as it may sound every mistake, every act of kindness and silliness are what makes you beautiful, what makes you …YOU.

I honestly recommend to read it, especially if you are a young girl it is very empowering and in it’s simplicity it’s truly a great read.

See you soon!



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