Life update “March”

Hi guys, I have missed blogging so much’s been almost 20 days since I last posted something. Lately among wedding planning. work and daily life it has been really challenging to make room also for blogging…So I thought of catching up at least with a little “chit chat”.

As you may know I went to Budapest on the last week of Feb, which was so lovely, I so recommend to visit it if you happen to have it on your bucket list! (Next week a blog post on what I visited is gonna be online for sure.. so stay tuned  :))

But before Budapest I caught the flue..speaking of being lucky…and soon after it was a super intense work week time …so no, definitely not a fun topic to talk to you about..what about after? Well, after it was all wedding stuff time…which honestly is not that fun either in the case involving Budget calculations and tons of call for reservations… pretty stressful honestly…

Up to the good part or should I say the taste part it was pretty fun trying the menu options the cake tasting and the makeup..and picking all the beautiful flower decor… a couple of weeks summarized in eating and living on pinterest 24/7 🙂

So here is a taste of what actually happened in and out of my head… and what I am planning basically:)

I guess that’s it for today! See you all very soon!




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Hi I am Josie! Born and raised in Italy, where my life is a pretty blend of all kinds of stuff ...being half Italian and half Indian, trying to balance pizza and samosa on a daily basis! Welcome to my creative place where I express daily inspiration and personal style while sharing my thoughts, travels and life experience! I hope you stick around and share this journey with me.

2 thoughts on “Life update “March”

  1. hey I’ve just come across your blog and I’m so in love with it! Congrats on getting married! I am literally beyond excited to plan my wedding haha!! It’s always been a dream of mine – I’m so jealous! hehe I can’t wait to read more of your blog :)xxx


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