February drugstore beauty

Hello Everybody!

It has been a while since I got some beauty stuff from the drugstore, yes I am usually very faithful to Sephora ( that is why I have a couple of extra mini size I included)…but I always found some really good products also there and of course if something is good and also affordable it’s a win win situation!

Ok, here we go:


For 2 weeks straight I wore this amazing lipstick from the line The Only Matt discovered on the RIMMEL  stand, 7 euros of pure gold… or should I say pure red! 🙂 It’s a beautiful fucsia red  matt finish ( dry in terms of texture when you apply it but not to dry on the skin, surprisingly I find it more comfortable than some usual creamy lipsticks! Stays all day and delivers a pretty stain even when it fades ( which in my personal experience is around 5 hours…)  Not to bad huh? (The color you see in N° 120)

L’Oreal Super Gel liner, nothing fancy about a gel liner but if you are not new on this blog you know my favorite is bobby brown gel liner and you also know how difficult is for me to find it here in italy 😦 The fact is that mine always dries out  eventually and it such a waste cause of the price. So I thought I give it a go to this one which was around 11 euros… and so far so good, I like it it has a quality of black and stays on quite nicely!

Third, Maybelline brow precise micro pencil …ehm not yet sure of this one but it was on sale 50% off and you know I love my eyebrows stuff… I guess it’s an okay pic, although I am not really sure I picked the right color…

Ted Baker Pink Body Spray  regardless from the fact I love anything TB, this mist has such an amazing smell delicate but so pleasant.  I think it smells some what like happiness hahaha.. or like today is gonna be lovely kind of thing… ok I am not making any sense now..but you get it right?

Last drug store item is yep a face mask…what can I say.. it was 30 % off and I really want it to try one of these, so i picked the L’OREAL PURE-CLAY MASK which is suppose to levigate and minimize pore ( ..yap..cause we need loads that …blur – minimize- repeat)  I have used it about 4/ 5 times now and so far it had a good Exfoliating & Refining effect.. I will continue to use it to see if results go from yeah it’s ok, it as some benefits to AMAZING…let’s see


Last two products are two mini size, the first is the Too faced eye primer Shadow Insurance Original.. here is a thing I hate eye primers, I don’t know what’s wrong with my skin on my eye leads but every single time is a tragedy…it creases it burns it changes color..ok no, that is a bit too much..:) but you get the general idea..However I like this one ! A lot actually, a little goes a long way and it does not give a funny feeling… I think I am gonna purchase the full size..:)

Make up forever mascara Excessive Lash, ok so here is a thing with this product… as a traditional mascara it’s a complete disaster, but…as a bottom lashes mascara is great…yeah not sure if that was it’s original purpose…but that is what worked fo me.

Ok, gosh I think I wrote too much.. sorry:)

Have a lovely week end everyone!






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