TV Show obsession

Hello lovely people,

How are you doing today? My terrible cold seems to have disappeared, graciously living me time to start this week with my typical grumpy mood, which is part of my ordinary monday routine.

But hey, it’s not yet time to talk routines, especially not a “monday” one, which let’s face could be pretty depressing. So I was inspired by an old post I wrote last year and decided to talk again about my second passion besides chocolate or beauty stuff… TV SHOWS!

Yep, I can be a pretty obsessive nerd… sometimes:) So here is an updated version of my faves tv shows!

netflix stranger things poster.jpg

  • Well this is no surprise.. probably everyone in the planet is addicted or sick of it but how can I not say “O MY GOD” STRANGER THINGS… I was addicted to it this summer and it’s probably one of the few show I actually re-watched for a second time in my entire life! How can I say no to a show set in the 1980s … I was born in 1986’s practically fate!


  • YOUNGER – Is such a fun Show, like when ever I need to relax my mind this is my perfect entertainment moment, it’s charming, smart and a so fun… It’s too bad that it only lasts 20 minutes… 40 min would be so much more satisfying!


  • THE CROWN- 100& current obsession!This is such a smart show which chronicles the lives of the Windsors from 1947 to 1956.Focuses especially on princess Elizabeth and her journey into becoming Queen of England. You need to watch it, trust me


  • TIMELESS- time travel is surprisingly a “yes” for me! I did not trust much this show at the beginning, I decided to watch it by chance cause it sounded intriguing… but I was not entirely sure about it. Well all doubts faded away at the end of the pilot episode…yes, after those last 3 minutes… I WAS SOLD! Such an interesting storyline and frankly I have no idea where this is going so … I look forward to watching it every week!


  • WESTWORLD – Everybody was talking about it, so It got me really curios… well Westworld is very captivating, like the basic concept is total nuts but so intriguing and shocking. However it leaves me a little confused at times…so I am not yet sure about it..

Well aside from these shows can we talk about THE MOST AWAITED MOMENT OF ALL THE MONTH… I sure you guessed it from the intro image… but OMG “Gilmore Girls” just bringing back all the feelings… I loved this show so so much and every time the old season it’s on a on tv I am immediately a teenager inside again! I can’t wait to go back to Star Hollows this week… and #teamjess, I don’t mind logan.. but I always had a soft spot for Jess and Rory 🙂


What about you? Are you a fan of these show also if you have any suggestions please write them down!



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