Daydream Gallery N°16

Hello everybody!

So, how is this wonderful gray rainy Sunday, so far? ops… maybe the description fits better my gray rainy Sunday 😉

However, since the weather is not cheering anybody up, and also since I am in bed with an awful cold, I decided to go through the last 4 episodes of Younger, which currently is my favorite tv show ..hilariously amazing… and figured it was a good chance to put together this month daydream gallery!

Based on the fact that the lazy, cozy sweater weather mood is probably going to be the essence of this November for me.


DISCLAMER: I do not own any of the following picture, the images you see in this post are taken from Pinterest

Just relax, have a good cup of tea, wear your comfy super soft socks, get a good book … and “tadaaaaa”… enjoy this wonderful month… waiting for Christmas;)

I hope you liked this gallery! and don’t forget to share you inspirations and hopes for November! 😉




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Hey, everyone! I'm Josephine, a pure essence of chaos! Born and raised in italy, half italian, half Indian, a bit croatian, a bit portuguese and a bit english...Yep family tree is as a messy as me! Endless Dreamer... deeply in love with Art, Travels and Photography... This blog is my take on lifestyle, beauty and life in general... Discovering new things everyday :) a messy mix between my inner dreamer old soul and a girly girl attitude.

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