Burberry Full Kisses Lipstick

Good morning everybody! Today, I wanted to talk to you about one of my new discovery in the world of lipsticks 🙂 Yes as you probably guessed from the intro pic I am talking about Burberry Full Kisses Lipsticks.


The colors i got are:

  • Oxblood No. 549 -kind of a very deep burgundy, probably one of the most iconic colors from Burberry makeup line ( BY THE WAY MY FAVORITE.. )
  • Dewberry No. 545 – which is vibrant blue berry color that looks so sophisticated and is perfect for Fall.
  •  Military Red No. 553 – of course the classic red lipstick color from burberry had to join the mix, you know how I am all in for a stunning red lipstick, this obviously is no exception! It’s the perfect touch for any look!



About the lipsticks, they have a creamy buttery consistency with is quite nice and comfortable. And what I love about them is how easy is to shape and define lips with bold, long-lasting color, like you can manage a quite decent look even without using a pencil!


I personally really like them, also because I love that stained effect that remains on the lips even if you just dab the lipstick straight from the bullet, plus this colors are pretty much perfection for the season!

I definitely want to try more from the Burberry beauty line, what do you think? Are you already into some products from this brand? Let me know!




Let’s stay in touch! 🙂

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