Life update

Hello everybody!

Sorry for the absence … but this summer is literally slipping away from my fingers! So many things to do and little time left…. last week my bestie wedding stole the scene for the entire week end…. and it was such a beautiful day…just wonderful!





However, back to reality I have some things to sort out at work between today and tomorrow and in less than 48 hours, I’ll be leaving for the US! For my much deserved ( after this busy year) Holidays!

The problem? I HATE PACKING…hate hate … and again HATEEEE….

So my suitcase right now is just lying lifeless on my floor… surrounded by the most unbelievable mess ever existed…. it’s embarrassing… and frankly a little alarming at the same time … I just can’t make my self do it…

Any suggestion about this middle vacation crisis?? 😉 How ever here is a pic of the last days just to keep you entertain.. or what ever…

bye lovely people!!





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Hi I am Josie! Born and raised in Italy, where my life is a pretty blend of all kinds of stuff ...being half Italian and half Indian, trying to balance pizza and samosa on a daily basis! Welcome to my creative place where I express daily inspiration and personal style while sharing my thoughts, travels and life experience! I hope you stick around and share this journey with me.

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