Daydream Gallery N°11

Hello everybody! Hope you are doing great, I am at home sick with the flue consuming all available seasons of tv shows… or reading the most cliché books series ever … but hopefully I’ll feel better in a couple of days…

Anyway, it’s the 6th of April so it’s time for a new daydream gallery, to proper welcome this month! Basically my head pictured an explosion of Spring colors as you can clearly see, mainly in a pink base ( I have been really into soft pink, hot pink, coral)  yet paired with neutrals of course. I don’t know… there is something about this shade that always reminds me of flowers in general, and that is why I have been really into it, for springtime!

Second I’ll be in PARIS for a few days in two weeks… and you know me I love my parisian days .. 🙂 and MACAROONS, obviously!

I am also exited cause I’ll go with my best friend who is getting married this summer is coming with me… we are having some bride and made of honor relaxing & shopping time, and she has never been to Paris….I am sure she will love it, however I think it will be exiting and cute to experience it for the first time through her eyes! .. and again PARIS IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA…am I right?


DISCLAMER: I do not own any of the following picture, the images you see in this post are taken from Pinterest

Another thing that I love about this month, is the full spring mood surrounding me ( like march is more of a transition… but yet in between seasons..) while April layers get thinner, days even brighter,  it’s suddenly time for t-shirts and cute flowy skirts…and more flower printed pieces….plus is my best seasons for long walks and bicycles afternoons….

Ok lovely people, I hope you liked this month gallery and have a great month!!

I don’t really have to go now… but I don’t want to babble make this post endless …



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Hi I am Josie! Born and raised in Italy, where my life is a pretty blend of all kinds of stuff ...being half Italian and half Indian, trying to balance pizza and samosa on a daily basis! Welcome to my creative place where I express daily inspiration and personal style while sharing my thoughts, travels and life experience! I hope you stick around and share this journey with me.

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