Lipcare routine

Hello everyone! I am very happy to talk today about a topic I recently discovered myself!

It’s lip-care time! You know how I love to wear bold colors lipstick but as already said in some recent post I got pretty into nudes color recently and realized how important is to have really hydrated and smooth lips… to avoid the pretty terrifying effect of lines and dry skin… which is so not pleasant and really enhanced by nude colors…

So, in the last two months i started giving more attention to this particular routine… and I am here to share (but also ask for advise,  as I am new to the topic) my lip care faves products!

Let’s start with the DIY version first! Who said you need to buy specific lippies product to show your skin some love… actually there is a super affordable, healthy, “green” option for pampering yourself ..yes with homemade and diy treatments…they work beautifully!

DIY  Sugar Scrub for Lips


You just need

1 teaspoon organic coconut oil

1 teaspoon organic raw sugar

DIY Lip Mask

…”Honey all the way”…

You just need:

1 teaspoon raw, organic honey


Anyway if you don’t have time, your away, on the go … or at work and need something easy to carry and more practical… Let’s say lipbalms and lipbutter (especially when it’s really cold) are probably gonna be your choice to go, the ones I have been liking are:

Baby lips balm in the shade softness with a touch of color…pretty and useful!:)
For my mountains / last windy and cold days ( which luckily are ending) I used a lot the Neutrogena lip-butter, which has a very strong consistency ( not sure about it’s ingredients) but it shield my lips from the colder days perfectly so I can honestly say it did a great job as far as it concerns me!

Beauty and lip care all in one

Clarins Instant light comfort oil… is the new love of my life! 🙂

Well, this is so far my favorite product from the “ready to go list”… it also happens to be a pleasant surprise which makes me extremely happy..  Clarins instant light lip comfort oil it’s not just a gloss and not just lip treatment… tit’s both!!!SO  AMAZING… I have been obsessed with it. Even though at first the “gloss consistency” did concerned me a bit… once I tried it and felt that the product was not at all tacky or uncomfortable to wear … I was in love with it.. a pretty smoothing effect with a hint of a shine plus hydration and softness… it’s a win win  for me!



Last but not least  I tried the sephora lipmask… which to my surprise was not bad at all… it’s like a silicon humid patch ( lip shaped… which was a little creepy to be honest cause lip shape was huge) the product was a little messy at first to get off the packaging… but once you make it.. you leave the patch on your lips for about 15 minutes ( once you feel all the oils drying) and voilà you are left with the softer possible lips!

So what do you think? Any advice about other product i should try for this purpose? Please let me know, ok?

It’s all for today beautiful people!





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