4 Hairstyles ” To Try ” this month

Hi guys,

Today we are talking hairstyle, yes! I have very fine hair so effortless super flattering volumizing hair are so NOT my thing… but hey, we have got to be creative anyway… so from my lazy pinterest dreamy afternoons … I selected some hair style I really wanna try this month, just to see how it goes for me!

DISCLAMER: I do not own any of the following picture, the images you see in this post are taken from Pinterest

It all seems easy and perfect in the picture, almost to good to be true. Even when you have all the photographic instruction to follow step by step… I yet, need real life proof to be convinced 🙂

So I thought it would be kind of a fun challenge to show you every week end what can I accomplish (which means if I can, anyone can, TRUST ME!) … Also my not so lovely hair, which from time to time look so nice and sleek left alone… gets insanely messy ( and NO, not in the flattering way…)  in  every possible level of hairstyling…

…basically I end up looking like “mad lady”…  But hey “hope dies last”, am I right?

Let me know if you tried some of them. and how you make it work best, I would really love to know…plus… I could really use a real-life experience on this!!

Goodnight lovely people,




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