I really really DID NOT like you..

Hey Guys,

Finally it happen, I have a post about something I totally and truly dislike.

Seriously, I rarely get so disappointed especially on make-up …it is very rare to me to think that  I would rather “throw something away instead of finding a way to make it work”…. but this mascara from Maybelline has won “worst Mascara ever tried” ( .. well, of course that is my personal opinion… hope you got a better luck…)

The New push up drama mascara has a super captivating pretty looking packaging… plus I have used lots of Maybelline mascara in the past, which I yet think are great… black drama, colossal, mega plush…and my all time favorite the SENSATIONAL lashes;  the brand never disappointed me…until now.. but hey, first time for everything, right?

Push up drama has a great jet black color, but aside from that the formula is horrible, tacky, too wet even for me ( …and I usually don’t mind wet mascaras… but gosh, this one is heavy and sticky..it feels like glue…) ..so basically the final result are clumpy, wet, messy lashes…

Plus the U shaped Wand bristles showed on the back, are nothing like the real thing….  so disappointing…
 As for what it promises, I saw NO volume what’s so ever…pushed up lashes??… only in your dreams maybe.. and length …well a little bit..yes, but everything is ruined when you find yourself ( in the best case scenario) with 3 giant spidery lashes.

So, don’t go over 3 coats… EVER…please, trust me even 2 coats can lead to disaster…TO MAKE THIS SIMPLE .. THIS MASCARA IS A BIG “DRAMA-TIC” .. “NO” FOR ME!

Well I guess you got by now the whole picture… I will go on and use the mascara for a little while longer, just cause I hate wasting a new full size product… but for sure I won’t buy it again!

What do you think? did you try it? Do you have any tips to make it work a little better?           I don’t have long thick lashes unfortunately but they are quite average and usually with a good mascara they look pretty decent … so please let me know if you come up with any suggestion!







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