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Hello Everyone! Yesterday I was watching the movie ” A little Chaos” the one about the making of Versailles gardens. Aside from the fact that it was a really sweet movie, and I said sweet not a great one… but it was also entertaining for sure at least this is my personal opinion, which can very well be corrupted for the facts that i loved the costumes plus the settings.


But obviously this is not a movie review, yes that would actually be quite hilarious as my taste in movie is kind of depressing .. in love with everything that pretty much leaves me in tears… yes I am “that girl”.

Anyway, what the movie has inspired me to do is: share with you a few toughs and pics about the stunning Versailles castle. In the past the royal chateau hosted the glorious french court, and its iconic gardens are still a magical scenery.

You may recall it, often from glamorous magazines photo shooting which have been all inspired by this prestigious location as well as historical movies or more common fashion brands advetisement … and really who can argue with that!! I mean, the all thing it self, is so chic and gorgeous … it could very well give a trash been a glam and royal vibe..

The day I visited was not that great because the weather, yep it was horrible… almost 3 hours of queue under heavy rain….and really?? it was mid july which make the all thing even worse…  but well Versailles is always Versailles i guess…”soaking beautiful”…

My favorite part remain the Gardens…a true product of beauty and brilliance. It is a marvelous mix of order and chaos, of magic and wonder, safe and peaceful…yet mysterious and intriguing…



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