Growing up in a mix family

Hello there! Finally it’s the weekend!Outside it’s sunny and since now it has been a wonderful day here… I hope it is the same for you too!

Anyway saturdays are not usually relaxing here around… but I don’t mind it a lot because It has been like this forever it’s kind of family tradition! Speaking of family an idea for a new article came along. I tought it would be nice to talk about a topic that I have been dealing with my all life:  “growing up in a mix Family”.

I don’t know if you bumped into my first article on this blog, well if you did not ,first let me say “hello to you”.

I come from a mix family back ground. My mother is Indian and my father is Italian, but moreover in the family my grandmother was croatian and the other Indian grandparents had English and Portuguese origin… well quite a mess, as you can see.

Growing up I have never felt different, in kindergarten everything was normal actually i was pretty exited all the time because it was quite a story to explain. But I was really little so most of the children I played with were my parents friends kids.

I started noticing a different approach when I was in primary school, the so called ” elementari” Unfortunately I did not know any of the kids in my class I also was kind of shy so making friends in an environment where everyone seemed to already know each other was not the easiest thing. Plus, not only my background was different , my name too … and believe me in 1993 things were a lot different from now! Although I was born here, spoke the same language and looked like them they stared at me once they saw my mom, and started asking me why she had colored skin. I yet remember this kid (who was really nice and friendly) but had parents who said particular things about ” not italian people”… those things were shocking and hurtful, I ‘ll never forget them but I am not gonna write any of it here because I do not like to give “ignorance”  credit… For the first time I felt that maybe there was something wrong with me, which is totally a stupid feeling no matter what age you are or where you come from… Kids are not bad but they can be really mean sometimes … but the way some adults reacted was really unexcused… just wrong on so many levels! This is really bad especially when you are young because you look up at them, as they are suppose to teach you right from wrong.

Anyway there were also funny episodes  first thing I remember made the difference was food, at home we always had indian&italian food.. especially indian when mom was home.. lots of basmati rice, curry, saffron powder everywhere, chapati and chicken with yogurt … the list is so long…when I started having lunch at school I expected those things too ….and was so disappointed when instead of chicken curry and chapati ( which if you don’t know is a type of bread) there was just boiled vegetable with a totally sad unsalted chicken breast… on that day I probably looked like someone stole candies from a me! ahuahuahu The second difference was obviously english language, at home we mix food but we mix languages too and that was kind of a problem at school because on every sentences I use to place some english words, on worst case scenario indian words too…I new all the songs from musicals ( which was pretty unpopular for a six year old!)..I watched all disney cartoons in english and get all the VHS from india, but could not share them with no one because of all those good stuff, and I mean the songs, were obviously in english! The bright side was that for this particular case i got double disney movies italian and english… FYI not an annoying kid to be round… nope… ahuahuaua

Anyway growing up in a mix family have expose me to so many good things! I think it was really the best thing for me, I spoke italian and english everyday without worries, I was able to confront my self with different culture and eviroment visiting India and so many other wonderful places. I was never “scared” to try new food.. on the contrary always exited and curios about it. Passion of traveling was part of the package, obviosly!

The best part?  I understood all of those spice girls, back street boys and destiny child songs! ahahahahaha… the good old days!:)

I’ll just say that the best part was always taking things with an open mind and look always further and beyond things.

Well that’s all for today!

Have a lovely Sunday evening… and I now tomorrow is already monday… stay strong… friday will be there soon!



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Hi I am Josie! Born and raised in Italy, where my life is a pretty blend of all kinds of stuff ...being half Italian and half Indian, trying to balance pizza and samosa on a daily basis! Welcome to my creative place where I express daily inspiration and personal style while sharing my thoughts, travels and life experience! I hope you stick around and share this journey with me.

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