Pop of color – SUMMER to go Lipstick

Hello everybody!

I hope you are having a good time!

Today I thought of writing about something really really important….MAKEUP PRODUCTS! I am obviously joking… me and my silly jokes 🙂 … Well let’s say I wanted to talk about something light, fun and girly or more important something that gets rid of my stressful working days!

What better time than summer to test bright and fun lipstick colors??…no need to asks me, twice for sure. I like to see myself as a moody lip color person, especially when it comes to choose the shade of my lipstick…every day its like an adventure! But I guess that deep down inside I am definitely a red lipstick girl! Aside from my classic choice, lately I have been revolving a lot  around peachy and “flamingo pink” shades some more intense and some more pinkie nude…. overall what doesn’t change is my go to color for every summer, coral!

I love coral lipstick they are so pretty and they scream summer, I think that they give the perfect pop of color between fun and chic. The only different thing about my coral choice of this year is that my favorite one for the first time is a little ( i said A LITTLE!) on an orange base instead of the red/pink… which makes it more vibrant but stunning!

So here I go with my favorite lip product for the summer season labeled in new entry for the recent ones ad old is gold ( as my mom always says…) for my evergreen!

“OLD IS GOLD” : MAC – Please me


This is a mauve nude pink color that I have been using a lot recently… I bought it last year and totally forgot about it! Recently, I re-discovered it, and although I am not particularly into nude lips ( because with my skin tone I seriously look like a dead corps…) but I love this one so much, maybe because is a very natural type of shade! Plus is just an easy color to use on a daily basis that matches every look! The texture is matt so it is a little bit drying… but acceptable, nothing that a bit of lip-butter can’t fix…  the color pay off is incredible… and also it is long wear.. so, no worries!

” NEW ENTRY “: Rouge Dior – 808 Victoire


It’s a bright peach color very pigmented, kind of a nude/but colored lipstick ( What??) yes… I can’t explain it really.. forgive me, I am too exited! I love this lipstick 🙂 Anyway it is quite creamy, also it stains a little the lips so it stays perfect for at least a good 3/4 hours, which very odd and in my experience with light colors is quite a lot ( because my lips are naturally a little tan and it’s difficult to get a long wear effect from light colors). The only down side is that if you have dry lips, this product is gonna highlight it more…so you need to be careful. Hey..no one is perfect, right?



This is part of the new line of lipstick by Clinique… I tried different colors from the line with a sample they gave me ( ..again.. first time ever I got so many sample… could get use to it! ahaha) but this one was my best choice! It’s a dark fuchsia, very bold but amazing on the lips… the finish is creamy and smooth…. and it is said to have a primer in it so it looks very smooth once on! just quick & perfect!



This is my every day life saver…  I just pop it on without thinking too much about it cause it is sheer but gets the right amount of color with a bit of a shine!I often use it as a lip balm too because is very Hydrating… simple affordable and beautiful… and the perfume is kind of sugary … so I just feel like I want to eat it every time… so good!

“OLD IS GOLD” : MAC (Viva Glam) Nicky- A53


Well this is a very, and I mean really very bright flamingo pink … it has a satin finish and a delicious smell of chocolate confetti, insanely good! The formula is a little drying with a satin finish. Although it is a little bit “heavy” if you have dry lips ( in which case I do not recommend it..) in normal condition the color shows beautifully, I prefer it with simple looks cause the lipstick makes almost everything a little edgy. If too much is going on with your face you may end up looking like a crazy person ( no judgement implied here…) just my opinion, I think that a nice flawless skin and a little mascara is the perfect combination in this case  …

“OLD IS GOLD” : RIMMEL Kate – 20 


Probably my favorite line of rimmel lipstick! As it’s other brother&sister Rimmel by Kate have as usual gorgeous bold colors! The effect is total matt.. and extremely long wear …it looks stunning live but the camera shows it less brighter… anyway this lipstick is always a great choice not only for the fact that is affordable in terms of costs… but moreover it’s exactly the color that you see on the bullet! Fun during the day and perfect with a little eye liner to make the look more evening like… Always with me for summer! Down side the smell a little too strong… but I can forgive that!

” NEW ENTRY “: CHANEL – Insoumise 507


I left best for last … This lipstick is from the sheer color line of Chanel… which I usually do not like at all…because the color are too light almost invisible and they don’t last not even 10 minutes ( on me, at least ) …so, not worth it for the price you pay… is just annoying! Also I am a lazy girl, I don’t want to re touch my lipstick every 15 minutes!! BUT I fell in love with this beautiful color ( I think for my skin tone and feature the perfect shade of coral!) the lipstick is called ….. and is part of the 2015 Mediterranee collection, this is why I was compelled to give it a chance!

At the counter this nice lady gave me some lipstick sample to try ( which is pretty odd, because they don’t usually give me anything .. like nothing at all … ) I guess it was destiny, I wore it for a couple of days and it was love! The texture is nice and soft and yes it is a little sheer at first but totally lay-able and the color shows beautifully! Also keeps the lips a little glossy and hydrated.  But it also nicely stains the lips, when the shine wears off and incredible to believe this was the perfect exception because is not totally this product is pigmented but it last a lot for that kind of lipstick…!Lucky me!


Ok not a lipstick but I could not resist … I got the gloss too… gorgeous color.. and i really mean it cause i hate lip-glosses but for “rose paradis” I can make an exception!:)

Well that’s all for now! Anyone who tried this colors? I would love to year what are your summer to go lip shades!

Have a great week everybody!


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