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Hello everyone! I am so exited to write this post because the topic is one of my favorites… and well let’s face it, who would not be exited to talk about delicious yummy stuff!!!

This is why I am starting a new series of ” little chats” called “Sweets and the city”… cause no matter where I go around the world or not… there is always space for cake!

As usual for every journey let’s start from the beginning …. home! Here I am gonna introduce you to my favorite “sweet side of Mantova” my city. In this lovely or not town there are amazing little jewelry ( aside from the artistic and historical point of view ) hidden al around it …they maybe deliciously adorable, wonderful, traditional or fancy … in all the cases there are pastries, sweets, cakes, … and obviously insanely good CHOCOLATES.

Let’s begin with a classic this place is called “La Tur dal sucar” which means “the Sugar tower” in our local dialect and is a tradional pastry shop, absolutely a mile stone in this city as it has been here forever… it’s hidden in a tiny lane but just around the corner of the main square ” Piazza Mantegna”… and they do the best cream paistries in the entire city ( for me… but the fact that they’re goodies vanishes in a few hours got me thinking that probably I am not the only one). A classic that never gets old!

Let’s move to the chocolate part, which is very well represented by a super fancy place …. That place in Mantova is called Caffè Borsa – Antoniazzi and it is a sophisticated café/pastries shop, especially the shop windows are a mini work of art! Their best goodies for me are chocolates….all kinds of chocolates ( my favourite obviously involve cinnamon, hazelnuts ,orange dark chocolate or other spicy ones…) but they have also  macaroons and gorgeous mini cakes. Unfortunately I find that recently the location got a little too crowded and noisy as a cafè and the services is not as efficent as it was, which is why I go there only when I feel comfortable ….or  buy sweets for cozy afternoon at home when I can’t resist temptation…because no human being can resist “chocolate calling”! So a little high on the price range..but definitely a place worth trying ones, if you are here!

And last … but absolutely not least my special favorite new “Sweet-corner” is called “KIKI BAKERY” and it’s a little corner of wonders! Set in one of the coolest shopping lane – Corso Umberto reviving an historical 80′ “shopping area” called “Galleria Apollo”, is a bakery shops filled with colors, sweetness and smiles! And it’s my favorite because finally I can have my lovely red velvet cupcakes anytime!!! How that cannot make me the happiest person in the all world! But there is so much more here from smoothies, traditional breakfast to amazing brunches and delicious cheesecakes …oh I was almost forgetting the selection of tea is so cool! Peach & Apple flavor is my favorite!

It ‘s definitely a new entry but since this winter i went back there for a cup of tea or cupcake every single weekend, is like my own self pampering treatment… that makes my day way better! Here I am gonna say it .. just like that… YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! ahuahuah Well I guess that’s all folks! Let me know which are your favorite sweets shop in your cities… you know is always good to be prepared anytime and everywhere! right!?

Have a lovely day!

Bye J.

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Hi I am Josie! Born and raised in Italy, where my life is a pretty blend of all kinds of stuff ...being half Italian and half Indian, trying to balance pizza and samosa on a daily basis! Welcome to my creative place where I express daily inspiration and personal style while sharing my thoughts, travels and life experience! I hope you stick around and share this journey with me.

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