“..getting lost will help you find yourself ..”

It’s a sunny Sunday at last… I have waited a lot for a little warmth and light to find me.

It’s been a while since I last wrote something here and to be honest I just haven’t felt like writing anything.

I went trough a dull, sad time…. where I kind of lost my self…for a while… But I guess this is life and probably these kind of different phases are necessary to grow, evolve…and help define who you are. The catch is that the all process is tricky, because you never know when or how…But you are gonna be better when it’s time, and now i know it for sure, too.

Once I read that “..getting lost will help you find yourself ..” so I am positive about what is awaiting me next!

I think that this post was more for me, to “unblock” myself…and start a new chapter… but if you are reading… thank you for listening!

I’ll be back soon, real soon… with something brighter and way funnier … something more “me”.


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Hey, everyone! I'm Josephine, a pure essence of chaos! Born and raised in italy, half italian, half Indian, a bit croatian, a bit portuguese and a bit english...Yep family tree is as a messy as me! Endless Dreamer... deeply in love with Art, Travels and Photography... This blog is my take on lifestyle, beauty and life in general... Discovering new things everyday :) a messy mix between my inner dreamer old soul and a girly girl attitude.

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