“Broadway here I come”

Let me start with one simple question here. Do you believe in magic?
Well if you have been to Broadway I am sure, you do!
I have been fond in a very cheesy and annoying way, since I was little to Musicals. They were huge for me, the acting, the songs..the characters… how the entire world can fit in one simple stage was amazing! Plus this was something inevitable since in my family everyone is into performing arts…
But enough talking about me, as you all may know the kingdom of all musicals is obviously Broadway, and probably everyone needs to experience it “live” at least once in a lifetime..

The last show I saw, was for sure the most incredible and legendary of them all!

“The Lion King” at Minskoff theater
8383835291_979431eed1_z 2555325308_e218d74c69

Already, in love with the Disney cartoon since I was 9, my expectations were very high for this one!
I heard the soundtrack before and fell in love with it! .. the new “added” songs too, they are really, really good!
But seeing live the Musicals was incredible, everything was yet the same, but so creative so perfect and brilliant in its own way …. the scenography, the effects, the lights, the movements of the dancers… and my God those costumes were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

lion-king LionKingNY92ret-web
I saw other legendary musicals before, in London, and love the songs of the “classicals” Mery Poppins ( by the way, she can really fly in the musical version too!), Wizard of Oz,  Sound of Music…
MaryPoppinsOriginalPoster  Wiz_of_oz_london 033-large


but really the Lion king is now my fave! I just surrender … hands off… this show is Magic! 


I cried, I laughed, I followed every single detail and fell in love….

00380_show_landscape_large_04 Lion King
I am not sure if you have ever heard any of the songs, but if you did not you should definitely check it out, at least a bit on “you tube” or “spotify”… try with “He lives in you”, or “Circle of live cast version”, or also “Shadow land”… and let me know!

Also in the halls of Minskoff Theater there are wonderful wax statues of the characters so you can have a closer look at those amazing costumes that are truly a piece of art!

Copia di IMG_0611

IMG_0612 copia 2

Next time I’ll be in broadway, I wanna see another!I mean the second on my top list. Can you guess? …
This other Musical,  I wanted to see it last March but had no luck in finding tickets for the days I wanted…I was really sad.. also because I had listened to its songs like crazy… and saw a few sneak peek that seemed really cool!
Yes I am talking about Wicked!


Hope that day comes soon!! I already know it will be a magical experience!

Info on Broadway tickets:

If you are in Ny, or are planning to go, and want to live the amazing Broadway experience you should check out http://www.broadway.com

There you will find all Broadway running shows, you can buy tickets, check previews… it’s really useful!

Or if you are in the city and want to buy your tickets definitely check TKTS in Times Square under the famous red stairs there is a huge ticket office


Also if you go the same day of the performance and obviously are lucky. They sell tickets for way less price! Because yes the only ” bad ” thing about Broadway Musicals is that Tickets are expensive…but totally worth it!





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