10 happy things about NY

Hello everyone! here I am again talking about NY, cause you all know it has a very special place in my heart.
And I know that almost every month it is inevitable for me to write something about it…  I just cannot help it!
For me NY is like Christmas for a child…..:)
So here I am to share with you my top 10 unexpected and ordinary things that make me happy about New york city!!
Here we go!


2013-07-25 --- Vacanza a New York - 0572 2013-07-25 --- Vacanza a New York - 0695

Let’s start with a classic shall we? Yes, Yellow Taxis are probably one the most iconic thing that screams NY!
The moment you “catch a Cab, whether you have a friendly chat with the taxidriver, or just take sometime to enjoy the scenary running from the back window… I just can help but feel so exited and happy!!!


img_1209  02193_full

Yes, as much as I enjoy the confort of rambling around the city like Carrie Bradshaw on a cab, 90 % of the time I take the subway… and I love it !!! Is probably the fastest, yet simple and efficent way to travel!
What I really like about this “under city ” are the stops titles, usually NY subways stations are decorated with colorful ceramic plaques and tile mosaics. They have kind of an old precious vibe … is just someting so charming and conforting… while waiting for the train to arrive I often found myself starring at them with a smile on my face!!imagining the stories behind them….


IMG_0659 1452198_10202424896487915_1205955534_n 2013-07-25 --- Vacanza a New York - 1359

Yes, you got me! I am totally that persons who stares at dogs… and probably bothers strangers just to talk for a seconds with their dogs!
In NY you may see everykind of dog and everykind of human… and it always makes me smile how they both resembles each other! 🙂


il_570xN.355570381_figo IMG_0811

I swear one day… I am gonna get one this gourgeous doors for myself…often  wandering around  the city, I imagined who is the “girl behind that red or blue or green door” … what is the story behind that color??” I don’t know, it is probably somenting cheesy …. but for me it’s so cozy and lovely… How can’t this not make you happy!!! PS: My favourite is always red!:)



?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  052-soho-coca-cola

History, alghouth maybe recent  here is surrounding us everywhere… you just have to look up, and meet the gost of past lifetime, this so cool and amazing, it’s just like in a movie… time has past…. and time has stopt… everything is constaltly evolving… but yet the same…



2013-07-25 --- Vacanza a New York - 1304 2013-07-25 --- Vacanza a New York - 1282

Ah true love, and true love just feels your heart with happiness… THOSE STAIRS ARE MY LOVELY ADDICTION… that’s all you need to know… totally and happily obsessed!


Screen-Shot-2012-09-02-at-7.47.05-PM  DSC_0118 copy

The city is very inspiring for any kind of artists…. Art can be found literally everywhere… and well ” temporary art” like the amazing Brooklyn Murals, is one of the thing I appreciate the most!! Happyness for the eyes and for the soul !!!


2013-07-25 --- Vacanza a New York - 0745  IMG_0553 - Copia

Omg… well magnolia ….#smile#happy#cupcakesarethebest… for example  if I was a really a sad, sad person …. this is where I would go RIGHT AWAY!! HERE HAPPINESS HAS A GOURGEOS FROSTING!!


2013-07-25 --- Vacanza a New York - 0737

mmm  2013-07-25 --- Vacanza a New York - 1528

Well it is called the city that never sleeps for a reason! everything is faster, taller and brighter… “Big lights will inspire you”…that is one true lyrics line.. anyway I must continue it, by saying not only inspire you, they will confuse you, shock you sometimes but also hug you, light you up… like a firework of happyness… GUIDING YOU ON EVERY STEP!

1) SUNSETS… from the Brooklyn bridge… at this point I am already smiling just looking at these pics… no more words are necessary to describe happyness when you can just feel it!

2013-07-25 --- Vacanza a New York - 1500 IMG_0669

So what do you think? All you Big Apple fans and  not fans ( really???ok I guess.. ;b) … So which are your Favorite 10  happy things of a city ?

Good night!

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Hi I am Josie! Born and raised in Italy, where my life is a pretty blend of all kinds of stuff ...being half Italian and half Indian, trying to balance pizza and samosa on a daily basis! Welcome to my creative place where I express daily inspiration and personal style while sharing my thoughts, travels and life experience! I hope you stick around and share this journey with me.

3 thoughts on “10 happy things about NY

  1. Well…I wouldn’t know where to begin, so many. But you gave me an idea for an article, maybe I’m gonna write one. I can tell you my favourite spot though..I love Bryant Park:)


    1. I get it, Bryant Park is definitely a classic for NY! I myself am a big fan of NY Pubblic Library which is exactly there, I believe! 🙂

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