Review Lancome – Grandiose Mascara

Hello everyone! Yet without computer…my gosh is really annoying… tha fact that my Macbook its yet under assistance and the fact that this bothers me so much…

But anyway today I am here for a short make up review! For my birthday I receveid from my best friends a couple of things…. One of it is of course makeup! Yep they really do know me!!:)

So what I got is the Lancome- Grandiose Wide angle fan effect  Mascara, in the color 01 Black Mirifique.


Is a very particular one, beside the gourgeous packaging, when I opened the mascara and saw for real the wand…. I was like “ What ???”

I wrote “saw for real “ because at the moment you can find many videos on this mascara on you tube, it’s getting pretty popular.This means, I already had a sneak peek of it. But I swear until you have it in your hands you don’t get how wierd it is!!!

Regardless,  the “first impression” impact ( there are also instructions inside the box … that are suppose to help you…. Or maybe scare you! Ahahah)


the twisted wand thing works pretty well, for my eyelashes. Is super lenthtening ( I don’t think any other mascara, ever did such a good job in elongating them) and according on how you twist the wand, it gives you a wonderful curve and omg it gets all .. and I mean  ALL those small baby lashes in the corners!!!

I do not do, more than 2 coats and half ( when I really what to build it up) because the formula is a little wet but dries quickly on, anyway it’s a little thick so a third coat can look a little too much…

The only thing I did find annoying is that if I apply this mascara in the morning, after 8 hours ( at work)  sometimes if my eyes are tired and I keep on touching them, the mascara breaks down a little…but I mean not every time and after many hours from the application…..The other thing that I really find annoying for sure is that it’s very difficult to remove…. Yep not happy about that.. especially in those nights when I come home super tired …

But on the bright side the lashes keep the curl effect really forever! and i guess the real fan effect on the eye, makes it up for it 🙂

So my opinion is very positive! I love it, but I must say my lashes are fine and not very short …. I guess it could give a different effect to somone else.

So what do you think? Have you tried this Mascara… any more tips ( beside the instructions) to share?

Ops I almost forgot the not fun part! The cost… Mine was part of my bithday gift. But I looked it up and it’s pretty expensive , price range is like 33/32 euros.

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