What about Berlin?

I have been traveling a lot around Europe..traveling from one place to another has gotten really easier and also more affordable during the years, especially with the all low cost flight thing! This has allowed me to make peace with my traveller soul, who enjoys a little bit too much that sense of not knowing when a journey ends… cause don’t get me wrong I like home, but I feel more at home when I just lose my self in the world…
My next destination is Berlin! and I just realized I have never been there before, this makes me so happy! Brand new city to discover… ok is a little early cause I ‘ll be going there for a week in December but I really think that a journey starts when you choose your target, and plus I enjoy a lot researching before arriving its kind of a daydreaming thing… helps me to be patient until the departure!
Anyone who has been to Berlin and have any advice on what or where to go is so very welcome!:)

I have heard since now of this major visit points:
Brandenburg Gate
Holocaust Memorial
East Side Gallery
Checkpoint Charlie
Memorial Church

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