violet plums, reds, dark mauve colors…which one to choose??

Well there is no denying that I really enjoy playing around with makeup … and my all time love is all for lipsticks!
Finally Fall as come as I already wrote in my Fall time post, and this means time for change also with some beauty products!
I am always drawn to deep and bold colors… I really like to experiment different looks… especially during Fall time.

This is probably my favorite season also  for make up because of all the burgundy, deep reds , and plums obergine colors…I don’t know  they have some kind of old fashion classic vibe… that never gets old in my opinion!
So here are my favorites for this Fall season!

1) is Marc Jacobs – Lovemarc in the color NEO NOIR 126

This is a bright red, very smooth and hydrating. I recently purchased it at sephora ( I believe this line is available only there) cause I had a discount and was looking for something new to try… the color its gorgeous plus for an hydrating lipstick is also pretty long wear…


2) YSL – Glossy Stain in the color 39

This is a liquid formula very hight pigmented….the color is something in between a mauve purple and a deep plum… it remains shiny on the lips ( not too much) and is super long wear… the shine after a while wears off but once you have the color on it literally stains your lips…that’s pretty good!:)


3)ESTEE LAUDER – Crystal colors

Well this is an evergreen for this season but is also from an old line…  so I don’t know if they do it anymore…I think the color number is 830 PLUM FIZZ..very ’20 vibe…

My mother used to wear this all the time… it’s her favorite … that’s why she brought like 3 … and I stole one from her,is my safe choice! no matter what I always go back to this color when in doubt… matches my skin and lips perfectly!!


4)Lancome –  Rouge in love  – 377N Midnight rose

I know it looks bright… but I guarantee that on the lips it pops out but not too much! it’s a pinkish red ??( is that even a word??? hahah) very bold but matt  so very chic.


5)Chanel – Rouge allure velvet – L’Amoureuse  47

I have a few Chanel lipsticks, ( cause they are super expensive) and they are all from this line… this color is so sophisticated and chic. The matt finish is simply gorgeous on.. you just feel perfect all the time, from day to night… this deep mauve color is my latest purchase from paris….is long wearing but it dries out a little bit  your lips so better keep on with you a lip butter for a rescue mission. But a side from that is probably the color I have used the most in the last month!


6)MAC – Russian Red

It’s a classic you have seen this one probably everywhere … and there is nothing more to say… Russian Red is the perfect red… it suits every one and it’s good in any occasion… I am happy that is fall time..and I can go crazy and dramatic with red colors, but this guy has never left my sight even in summer… is just my happily ever after!


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