L’Operà Garnier, the centre of performing arts

When I planned to go to Paris, the first thing I wrote on my list was to go back and see the Opera. First time went there, I was only 10 years old, when my parents took me to see Swan Lake, but beside the actual ballet performance I don’t remember much. Probably because of the big crowd of people waiting to enter…and my short stature…
I went to visit it on my second day in Paris and from the moment I step in, I seriously tough of staying inside forever!
The Building is not that old compared to the many beauties in Paris, Charles Garnier began building it in 1861, under request of Napoleon III. In 1875 the Opera was completed and it opened on the 5th of January. It is said that the building is finest example of 19th-century theatre architecture
Well I guess in this case pictures will probably show it better than words…. so here are some pics 😉



So what do you think? Isn’t it amazing?

The actual theatre inside its well smaller than you think, but the looks of the top roof is extraordinary!! The Foyer is also impressive.. full of lights, intriguing staircase and mirrors that give the illusion of a never ending hall. You must see in in person to understand it!!! Moreover, on every floor hallway are settled stunning stage wardrobe pieces, from the most popular performances.

The theatre is always open to visitors, so also if you don’t get the chance to attend an actual performance you can visit the building anyway!

If you want to visit the Opera or you are just curios, they have a wonderful website go check it out!!


Au revoir!:)

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