Dans le coeur de Montmartre

My first day in Paris was super exiting… well not at the beginning but it was full of surprises! I can say for sure that the french city knows, how to welcome you!
So after leaving old rainy Mantova… I arrived just in time for lunch!… Just a short stop at the hotel to leave behind the bags… and yep sunglasses and camera are ready to walk around like there is no tomorrow… craving for new adventures..ok well maybe also new macaroons!!!
First stop by subway is ” Anvers ” next direction Montmartre!
I have always loved the streets of this area … I think that is probably my favorite place to live in Paris…. It has a unique french charming surrounded by little restaurants, delicious “cafe”, vintage boutiques and inspiring Art galleries…
There is always something going on, so much life and music… is like there is always a celebration! I think that Montmartre is kind of the real beating heart of Paris!
But I have to say that walking for a while around “Rue Lepic” can be as poetic as difficult so go for comfortable shoes! The streets are like a perfect high and low dance, after a long slope there is always a scary climb mostly by stairs… But the view pays off every effort …because on the highest point of Montmartre you see how amazing and beautiful is the “Basilique du Sacre Coeur”… yep and if you look at the surroundings you realize your standing right above the most romantic city ever… like looking at Paris from a huge terrace.
I strongly suggest to not only visit the Church Inside, but if you have yet enough air in your lungs, climb up to the Dome ( if you are not claustrophobic… cause it can get a bit narrow up there, especially the stairs part…) but the view is WOW….
And also after that you have to check out the crypt… it’s a little bit intimidating especially if you are alone inside cause it’s huge… but it’s really good down there…
just remember ” don’t blink”! ( ok..bad joke I am a huge Doctor who fan so … whatever…)
Obviously to reward myself at the end of the day I went and got some delicious macaroons from a place called la Maison Georges Larnicol, where a all kind of delicious goodies were just starring at me…OMG… and yes right in the middle of the room was gigantic Notre Dame made of delicious dark chocolate… speechless…





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