Summer make up shopping

Last week I went out to buy a few things for the beach ( as I am on leave… and vacation time is getting closer!!) and yes … as usual I came home with bunch of stuff I really did not planned on buying…. so let’s get started so I can share with you my moment of silliness ..ahauhuahu…


1. Benefit They are Real – Mascara

I heard so much about this mascara, but never felt like buying ….

It has a particular brush that separates an lengthens  also the smaller lashes and does a pretty good job separating them. It’s written on the package that it gives also volume but in my case it’s not really like that… maybe cause I have thin lashes…but the color it’s super black so the final effect is really nice! And it’s also easy to remove, so you don’t rub and irritate your eyes!


2. L’oreal – Glam Bronze – Eau de soleil

Mhm I am a little confuse about this product, cause on the bottle it’s written” very light foundation that gives a bronzing glow to the skin”. I have been using this product for two weeks,  it’s smells amazing and it’s super light weight. Although it seems lighter than my skin color it blends in completely… and now it seems lighter also because I just came back from the beach and i got a bit tan …

But I don’t use it for contouring as a face bronzer during the day because because it has kind of sparkly golden glitters … I feel more comfortable wearing at night… and the effect It’s really lovely, also for the body.


3.Sephora – long lasting pencil – in infinite beige (the print on the pencil name it’s fading so I hope the name it’s right)

This pencil has been my best friend since I bought it, the formula is soft and smooth ( which surprised me since I was not a big fan of sephora eye pencil), the color for me is really nice i use it also to highlight the inner conners since my skin is kind of a sand medium color. And what I really like is that it brightens and open your eyes, making you look fresh and awake!

IMG_0648  IMG_0649

4. Hydra Life BB cream – Dior

Now, I will not lie this product is super expensive, and if I did not have the 30% off membership card, I would have never bought it!

Cause for a bb cream the price was really to much, but this stuff it’s enchanted….I hate to admit it but the best BB cream I have ever used…. totally in love with it!! the effect is really smooth and easy to blend ( it’s obviously not a full coverage effect as it’s a BB and not CC cream).

The final effect it’s not matt, but the glowing is very natural, and the best part is that it never vanishes, it’s actually pretty long wear!  By far my favorite product for the entire summer!!!


5. Chanel Hydra fresh creme

Yep I went totally insane and spent money also on a chanel cream….poor me, totally hopeless.

I have been using this cream for just 3 days so I don’t have a definite opinion, but I can say that is very different from the rest of moisturizer/ cream I usually use.

The texture is super light weight and when you apply it your skin feels a cooling effect that slowly fades into a fresh sensation. After a while when you look at your face, the skin feels more toned, and it has a beautiful radiance.The smell is really lovely but very delicate  really comfortable to wear! I love it…. for now…

Ops I was forgetting this cute looking Chanel make up bag was included with the cream… 🙂



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