Downtown, chapter 1

New York New york! Finally here it is! Yes, unfortunately it took me a while to find inspiration for this article, let’s face it there are millions of impressions and stories about this city, probably more precise or better written and even more appealing than this one. I had a millions of ideas but did not  know exactly, where to begin. So let’s be realistic and clear, I am not a writer and well my own friends have troubles understanding me sometimes because my way of explaining things is kind of “chaotic”, if that even makes sense…. But back to talking about the city; I really wanted to share my point of view, and my love for it. So take it, as a confusing and enthusiastic chat with me!:) This will be the first part of a series because I like to tell really long stories, and sharing it with pictures gives it so much more color!!…but I am also sure I can’t make it fit all in one article! So this is just the first chapter of many pieces of an ordinary big apple…let’s start , shall we? There is a particular song I may quote, it’s Downtown by Petula Clark, I guess the lyrics are self-explanatory:

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

So go downtown
Things will be great when you’re downtown
No finer place for sure, downtown
Everything’s waiting for you

It is exactly this way, everything there is bigger, noisier and of course brighter. But the most stranger thing is that we all know that, New york is as we see it in movies the skyscrapers, the people always on a hurry, times square, the coffee shops and the endlessly land of opportunities. And that is what surprise you every single time!…. the secret ingredient is that we have it already in our mind and in our hearts…and seeing it living is stunning. There are so many things…that in the city can get to you in a totally unexpected way. For example:

On your way to the subway you can maybe meet a Celebrity like in this case, Sponge Bob!


Realize how much new yorkers love Stairs… and how yellow is the most famous color in the city because  taxi’s are for real every where!!! Just remenber you cannot call one! You have to just raise your arm from the border of the road… and voilà… there comes your ride!

 IMG_0317     981861_10201713218656414_787048331_o    IMG_0303

You won’t believe the amount of bicycles that are there…. yes… cycling if you pay attention is part of the life style…especially in central park and on the Brooklyn bridge area…I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW THEY MAKE IT WORK IN THE TRAFFIC… BUT ONE DAY , I AM SURELY GOING TO RISK MY LIFE AND TRY IT!


There are corners where food is a sort of sanctuary, one of these is the AMAZING …. chelsea market just in front of google offices where you can find all kind of goodies.


img_0365 1970581_10203422587109557_1217865845_n 1795403_10203480543198423_1724714723_o


 Remember what I told about bikes? Yep, Bikes are so cool in the city! look at this one parked in Tribeca, this is what you call a happy Bicycle!! 😉


Parks here, go along with benches a lot of them … familiar scenarios that are ALWAYS in those super romantic movies and well they are very comfortable… I had one of the best nap of my life in one of those… ( of course do it in summer, with the warm sun … in winter is nice too but beware you could freeze to death… just saying..)


Angel of the Waters, in Bethesda Fountain is one of the prettiest view in the park during summer /spring…  because when it’s without water it looks a little creepy… but is nice anyway,  it has a sort of nostalgic vibe … 

IMG_0565    1277711_10203510191499612_52740351_o    1277711_10203510191459611_670395794_o

Well, I guess you all know about this place, I must say that Straberry fields is very ,very small ( the area I mean)…but so charming, and with a particular vibe to it, I have been there three times, and you know what ? There is always this same guy, who is paying tribute to Lennon by singing one of his songs, well that is a perfect example of devotion!


The sky! yes the common sky, in a city where buildings are so hight you some times forget how beautiful the blu sky is….but when you see it .. is heart warming!


If you are worried or need to clear your mind, find inspiration or motivation… well you should really go for a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge ….it’s the best advisor ever!

                   IMG_0819       IMG_0746  

Fashion is a serious business, especially  in this glamorous city, but expressing your self  it’s even more important… so yep! you may find in the most expensive and chic area , somebody  who just likes to rock a total red outfit with a hell of a cap!

1094443_10201713247137126_1878759692_o   1146960_10201713250417208_480748430_o



What you see in movies about this ice skating ground is definitely true, it’s beauty, it’s charm… but also the probability of getting your butt on the ice ground…and embarrassing falling in front of a big crowd of people!

Anyway a second of serendipity on ice in Central park…it’s worth your dignity!  Trust me

1537670_10203526199979814_650326205_o   img_0671-e1401276674317


Well well, charming and beautiful can’t even begin to cover the skyline of Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights…. yes, she’s a bitch but how can you not love her?


… and well as you move inside the streets… the houses are super cute, with an amazing view…Yep I would not mind to live here!! of course not!


I could walk on this bridge like a hundred times … and never get tired of it!!! can you believe this was build in 1883 ?

IMG_0819   IMG_0829

And there she is … Lady Liberty, I must say she looks bigger in pictures … but she’s a beauty and an icon of the american dream!



To close this first article I had to put the amazing view of the heart of the city from the helo….

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today 
I want to be a part of it, New York, New York 
These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray 
Right through the very heart of it, New York, New York


  I think I am done for today… Bye everyone!:)


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