Ops I did it again! :)

10 minutes before going to bed I remembered I said in a previous post that I would have shared my new york shopping experience… well here we begin… of course I did not have time to do it all in one post… but I thought of beginning a least for now with  a few make up products… Yes I am totally a crazy packaging person ( especially if things are small incredibly cute and super colorful..) let’s see than, what I got!! Immagine

I think this is pretty much it. Just the beauty blender, a mini HD powder from make up forever and  my clinique gel moisturizer are missing from the picture… cause well the beauty blender has lost her beauty, as I am using it like crazy ( who needs a foundation brush? ).  And the HD powder is some where over the rainbow in my bag…

I got most of the things from Sephora and Mac and I think that the hair gel was from a Duanereade… And I have to say that I am pretty  happy, especially with the two lipsticks. I also got the brow gel liner, and the cc powder ( which was totally random event…I tried both of these product by chance while I was thinking of buying other stuff.. and boom!!! Just loved it… I usually not very fond of  brow product but this one, well it just suits me.

Now I really understand the difference between nice polished brows and well “my brows”… ahah ..  

As for the CC powder, I really liked it under the dark circle to hold the concealer in place, and even out my complexion.

Well, I am not  an expert, this is  my simple opinion, as I always like to try different things and these seems to work perfectly on me… here are other pics of my favorite ones…. probably below I will add the coplete list of all  products I bought with their names…   Immagine

                 Mac Russian Red on the left, I have to say that the color is gourgeous!

                I believe it can suit every complexion, and also it last forever…!! I got also a red lip liner in a more cooler undertone ( similar to ruby woo undertone and it match perfectly!)

On the right side is Impassioned by Mac,  just one word AMAZING!

I am all for bright and bold colors…. and with this one, it was love at first sight!



 This is the brow gel creme in the color dirty blonde… I must say that when they asked me if I wanted to try a gel creme instead of a pencil… I was not really interested, also because I am super messy when it comes to my eyebrows …. a total disaster.. .only recently I found my way with pencils, without turning myself  into a bizarre cartoon character…

And this stuff is so amazing… it gives a nice  polished and fresh look .. very pretty!!


The Mac CC powder is also another thing I did not know about. It’s a very light loose powder, the color seems a little scary cause it looks lavander but once it is on you it blends perfectly into your skin.

Really great stuff and pleasant surprise!


 About the rest of the goodies, I got the benefit pore fessional primer, which works really well for my skin. I have combination skin but according to the weather it can be sometimes a little oily especially in the T zone. So finding a foundation that stays matt,  it’s a real challenge! But with this primer at least I know for sure that my base it’s gonna hold longer, and look flawless.

I got also a mini pack of urban decay glide eye pencil 24/ 7 cause I am obsessed with them they go on so smoothly and are very pigmented..love love love… them!! Besides the mini packaging was so adorable!!

And speaking about cute packaging I also got the ANASTASIA GO BROW in a travel size. I really liked the clear gel brow very easy to use on those days when you don’t have time… and also the mini tweezers are super handy to keep in your purse!  The brow pencil is not really my favourite, especially because the color is not really the perfect one for me but in case of an emergency situation, I guess it could work.

Finally the only Hair product here is the Big sexyhair volumizing gel, now that I think about it, I don’t know why I have put it among the make up products also because I bought a bunch of other hair stuff… I guess I was really sleepy the moment of the pics.. 🙂

I have to say I used it a few times so I don’t have a final opinion on it,  but for now it seems good.

Well that’s it!!… for now!  BYE


 Product in the pictures are:

1)  Urban decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil

2) Mac brow gel creme in dirty blode

3) Mac CC powder prep + prime

4) Big sexyhair blow dry voluminzing gel

5) The Pore fessional by Benefit

6) Mac lip pencil in Redd

7) Mac eye brow pencil Dark brunette

8) Mac lipstick Russian Red

9) Mac lipstick Impassioned

10) Urban decay primer potion

11)  ANASTASIA Go brows Travel kit

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